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The People Inc Story

People Inc is a private non-profit organization working with youth and families in Eastern Oklahoma, with headquarters in Sallisaw, OK.   For over a quarter century, People Inc has sought to fulfill its simple axiom, “People Helping People”. People Inc’s mission is to provide quality community based, habilitative and rehabilitative services to individuals in need through counseling, education and advocacy.

Since our start in 1985 as an agency to provide sheltered employment and activities for the socially, mentally, and physically handicapped of Sequoyah County, our range of services has grown to include many types of special residential facilities including alternative group homes, children’s homes, autism homes, and a ‘Level E’ boys home. But while our Residential program is stronger than ever, our reach has expanded in recent years to areas of counseling, prevention and provision of case management services to senior citizens. 

As one of Oklahoma’s forty Youth Services organizations, we provide services to populations under the age of 18, with a special interest in Prevention strategies. People Inc provides extensive outpatient counseling services to youth in area schools. We serve every school in Sequoyah County, and several in Adair, Cherokee, and McIntosh counties. Parenting Education is provided in arranged group settings and through our First Time Offenders Program, which is conducted as part of our cooperation with the Office of Juvenile Affairs. 

The addition of counseling and rehab to our repertoire of services has allowed us to help hundreds of youth adjust to the turbulence of childhood or adolescence. But the leadership of People Inc have worked not only to treat the social maladies we encounter – but to prevent these troubles from occurring in the first place. This proactive approach distinguishes People Inc from other social services agencies.
As a result of this emphasis, and our long history of working with the public, our communities have recently benefited from several new proactive and preventative programs. One such program is our use of Prevention Groups. These groups, offered to youth and conducted by clinical staff, address a number of topics including anger management, coping skills, and avoiding substance use. Also, People Inc has formed a partnership with area schools to provide prevention groups to meet the needs of their alternative-educational programs. Currently this includes the Alt-Ed programs in Muldrow, Sallisaw, Roland, and Vian public schools. 

People Inc hosts staff involved in the S.W.A.T. (Students Working Against Tobacco) program. We house and facilitate the Youth Tobacco Prevention Specialist/SWAT County Coordinator at our headquarters who works in Sequoyah and Muskogee counties. This program is a cooperative partnership with the Muskogee County Health Department. 

In addition, People Inc. is an active partner of the Sallisaw NOW coalition which is an anti-drug organization in partnership with the Cherokee Nation and CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America). People Inc is proud to serve as a resource for the coalition, and continues to help with their goals when possible ( including providing data, resources, meeting facilities, and the involvement of key staff). People Inc is now cooperating with Sallisaw NOW for the provision of a Prevention Specialist who will base out of our Sallisaw headquarters. 

People Inc has demonstrated the highest quality of service delivery, with a proven record of involving consumers in their treatment. This is reflected in the fact that each of our consumers participates in the development or his or her individualized treatment plan. Out of 473 referrals received in Fiscal Year 2008, 426, or 90%, were assigned within three days, 94% had completed treatment plans ready for review within 5 working days. 

A similar effectiveness has been demonstrated by our various training, prevention or diversion programs. Among these programs, outcomes data collected at the end of Fiscal Year 2008 demonstrates that 130 of 138 consumers (or 94%) in our Youth First Time Offender Program have not re-offended within twelve months following the program, this exceeds our Outcomes goal of 85%. Data collected for our Operation Stay In School program revealed 102 of 106 program participants (96%) remained in some type of academic program. 

Our Senior Services division provides comprehensive case management services through the ADvantage program for individuals who need assistance locating, arranging, and monitoring services delivered to their home or community based environment. Our staff are certified, dedicated social-workers and nurses whose primary goal is to help our members remain safely in their own homes and retain as much independence as possible. 

Senior services provides coordination of delivery of services, serves as the member’s advocate with service providers, acts as a consultant to assist our members in identifying their service needs, monitors and evaluates the appropriateness of services, and provides Educational Programs for our members. 

Senior Services of People Inc is committed to building strong families and communities throughout Oklahoma. People Inc provides behavioral health services to the elderly and disabled. Our services are provided by behavioral health professionals licensed with the State of Oklahoma and can include therapeutic services for those experiencing clinical depression, drug or alcohol addictions, grief related to loss of a spouse or other family member, as well as anxiety related to functional impairment. These services can be provided in the privacy of the individual’s home or in a group setting. 

Our ADvantage case management services our available in the following counties: 
People Inc is an extremely active participant in the community. We have cooperative or collaborative relationships with dozens of community partners, including several social services organizations, local chapters of community coalitions, Boys & Girls Club, Chambers of Commerce, Anti-Drug Coalitions, offices of Juvenile Affairs, County Health Departments, Department of Human Services, local Police Departments, and over fifteen local school districts. 

People Inc provides academic scholarships for young people who have distinguished themselves in service to their communities. These People Inc Citizenship Awards, pay for books and materials for college bound students in selected local high schools. 

In addition to the direct benefit to families, People Inc brings over 370 jobs to our area. Those jobs contribute about eight million dollars in payroll to our local economy. People Inc’s Human Resources Department is a community leader in the provision of specialized and ongoing training both internally and externally. All staff benefit from a schedule of regular trainings, and also received specialized job-specific instruction. These trainings include, but are not limited to: Foundation, Cultural Diversity, Violence in the Workplace, Blood-borne pathogens, Communication, Policy, CPR, First Aid, Health & Safety, Skill Building, Ethics & Legal, and Nuts & Bolts. These trainings are further supported by other regular programs to enrich the People Inc workforce, such as our staff Wellness Program.