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First Time Offender

Since its inception in 1995 by the Oklahoma Association of Youth Services, the First Time Offenders Program brought to you by People Inc. has continuously received high praise for its part in the successful rehabilitation of the youth in Sequoyah, Adair and Cherokee counties, with an outstanding percentage of juveniles avoiding repeat offenses after completion of the program. The program’s curriculum is designed to emphasize and develop prevention and diversionary skills for the youth in our community that have been showing signs of juvenile delinquency behaviors.

The First Time Offenders Program allows juveniles who have been identified by law enforcement personnel, court officials, and other community resources as having committed acts that, while not serious enough to move forward through the standard juvenile court process, still indicate a need for a specialized treatment program to avoid the further development of juvenile delinquency behaviors. The First Time Offender Program also allows youth who might otherwise face incarceration or prosecution the opportunity to benefit from a psycho-educational rehabilitative program designed specifically for juveniles.

To access the First Time Offenders Program an individual must:

  • - be under the age of eighteenK

  • - have committed a first-time misdemeanor (or non-violent felony)

  • - be referred by the Juvenile Services Unit or municipal court

  • With the First Time Offenders Program, juveniles, along with their parents, will attend a total of 12 hours of group sessions in order to educate, nurture and enhance the positive behaviors and skill sets needed in order to make the life changing improvements. The program curriculum is designed to educate as well as improve awareness on core subjects such as:
  • - behavior and consequence

  • - preventative skills

  • - resolving conflicts

  • - self-awarenes

  • s
  • - coping skills

  • - managing relationships

  • - substance abuse
  • - the importance of making positive life choices
  • - juvenile justice system awareness At People Inc., we value the importance of participant privacy and confidentiality, and vow to always hold it in the highest regard for our clients. Our partnership with the First Time Offenders Program is governed by federal law and regulations to protect the confidentiality of the participants’ record. In addition to our strict policies for respecting individuals’ privacy to insure their private matters are always kept confidential, is the benefit of forming trust among the participants involved. We know how important it is to the program’s success that all participants and their family members feel confident and secure in knowing that they are able to discuss all matters and speak freely without hesitation or fear of any form of confidentiality breach. As reported by the Sequoyah County Times, an Oklahoma Association of Youth Services audit of People Inc. states that: “People Inc. shows a high degree of dedication to the community it serves. An active Board of Directors, a dedicated energetic Executive Director, qualified and energetic staff, and community involvement and support are ongoing agency strengths. The agency staff does a good job of documenting the services they provide to area youth in all programs. In addition, the functions of board governance are very well documented. Congratulations on the excellent services provided by your agency to the children and youth of our state.”

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