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In-School Counseling

While the majorities of students can and want to be successful with their school endeavors, turning those wants into a reality can be a real challenge for some. If given the proper support, all students can achieve at a high level personally, academically, and socially according to their strengths. The counselors at People Inc. act as a bridge between the students, teachers and administrators, and our mission is to maximize each student's potential and academic achievement. Our in school counseling program is designed to identify the specific needs of students while aligning them in accordance with their school's goals, then drafting a comprehensive guidance and counseling program customized to fit their needs. Equally important is that the level of care we are providing our students is genuine and sincere as we prepare them to face the tough challenges in today's school settings.

A Word about School Counseling

With traces going back to the turn of the twentieth century, school counseling is a service that has been refined over many years and has produced countless success stories of improved academic, social and personal growth for its beneficiaries. School counseling programs began to make significant advancements after the formation of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) in the 1950's. Today, with each new advancement and breakthrough in school counseling we gain a new insight to success, that when combined with proven traditional practices, brings about the exciting changes that are responsible for making positive differences in the lives of students around the world.

Benefits of School Counseling Being able to utilize a comprehensive, effective in school counseling program can have a valuable impact on the lives of students, as well as parents, teachers, and school administrators. With hectic work schedules or travel considerations, it is often impossible for parents to access counseling services after hours. Because of this, People Inc. is proud to provide services in our area schools for parents that are faced with these types of challenges.

Benefits of School Counseling include:

    - Aligning students with school's curriculum

    - Monitoring data to facilitate student improvement

    - Formulating strategies to close the achievement gap

    - Teaching positive social interactions skills

    - Improving decision making and problem solving skills

    - Development of a broad range of emotional coping skills

    - Strengthening personal development

We the People...

People Inc. places a high priority on the academic success of our students, that's why we work so hard to limit the time students spend out of class, especially core subjects, or subjects with which the student may be having difficulty. We work together with school administration to determine the most appropriate time slots for which to conduct counseling sessions, and always remain flexible and give our full support to school officials to ensure each student obtains a fully maximized academic and school counseling plan. After all, our in school counseling services are both proactive and preventative in nature, and we work hand in hand with teachers and administration to ensure every student has a chance for both academic success and personal growth in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

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